Praise for Fly Home to Me from InD’tale Magazine:

“Fly Home to Me” is a love story that will speak to the heart of Military spouses everywhere. Unlike in most contemporary romantic military novels, Gabriel is not retired military or about to get out. Instead, Piper and Gabriel meet in the middle of his career and must face all the associated challenges from differing lingo to transient lifestyles. As this book mainly focuses on Piper’s growth, the plot centers on the difficulties she has with abandonment, falling in love, and doing so with someone whose lifestyle is so outside her comfort zone. Between the rest of the cast and the sweet romance itself, this story not only exudes real romance but brings the reader along for a ride that will have them not only wanting more of Piper and Gabriel but more of the series as well!

Praise for Flying In Love from Publisher’s Weekly:

“Linton (Adoring Abigail) brings a chaste Regency sensibility to this tender contemporary military romance. After a romance ends in crushing disappointment, California school teacher Paige Hall comforts herself with her faith and her family, though her fraught relationship with her mother is little help. After Air Force pilot Jake Summers nearly runs over Paige in a parking lot, he persuades her to accept a dinner date as an apology, despite Paige’s newfound belief that the only good men are to be found in Jane Austen novels. Their courtship faces many obstacles—Paige’s trust issues chief among them—all set against a backdrop of Paige’s BFF Mandy’s wedding preparations. Though exposition about Jake’s work occasionally becomes clunky, Paige’s crisp narrative voice and the charming chapter titles (“I Stargazed,” “I Apologized (Twice)”) create the effect of reading through a good friend’s blog. Sweet without being cloying, this is sure to appeal to fans of G-rated romance. (June)

Praise for Forever, Phoebe from Publisher’s Weekly:

Linton follows Escape to Everly Manor with this enticing Regency romance set in Somerset, England. Eighteen-year-old Phoebe Jamison aspires to be a proper lady in hopes of attracting the attention of William Mason, a friend of one of her brothers, who sees Phoebe as a little sister, not a romantic prospect. In contrast, Franklin Everly, the recent inheritor of nearby Ravencrest, is immediately drawn to Phoebe’s fiery red hair and affable demeanor. When Franklin wins a wager against Phoebe’s three older brothers, it leads to him spending more time with the Jamison family, and as he becomes increasingly attracted to Phoebe he makes known his desire to court her. Though Phoebe still pines for William, she can’t deny she’s drawn to Franklin—especially after he risks his own life to save her from a horseback riding accident. And when a kidnapper known as the Bride Snatcher targets Phoebe’s friend Hannah, Phoebe is determined to rescue her, while Franklin will do whatever it takes to keep Phoebe safe. Linton’s appreciation for Jane Austen’s England shines through as the witty, intelligent characters navigate the strict rules of their society. This fast-paced, heartfelt romance is a treat. (Feb.)

Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review for Forever, Phoebe:

Forever Phoebe by Chalon Linton is an endearing historical romance novel that follows Phoebe Jamison as she forms an unexpected deep bond with a man she has newly met. When Mr. Franklin Everly first meets Phoebe, he is struck by her beauty and character. He sees her boldness as a beautiful and rare quality. Despite herself, Phoebe warms to the new resident of Somerset. While her heart is drawn to Franklin, her mind reasons she should wait for Mason’s request for courtship. Unlike Franklin, Mason views Phoebe’s feistiness as an impediment to society’s recognition of her as a proper lady. Undeterred by Phoebe’s attraction to Mason, Franklin pursues her, taking any opportunity he gets to prove his love for her.

As Phoebe and Franklin’s story unfolds, a terrifying kidnapper abducts young women in surrounding villages. I loved that the sub-plot introduces another thrilling and unique strand to the novel and heightens the tension in the story. As supporting characters, each of Phoebe’s elder brothers is well developed. They have distinct personalities and they play specific roles in Phoebe’s life. The dialogue within the book is witty and entertaining. Phoebe is not afraid to speak her mind, a trait that earns her praise and sometimes scorn. As the plot progresses, Phoebe grows as a character. She learns the qualities most important to her in the person she accepts to court her. Forever Phoebe by Chalon Linton is a compelling read. It shines for its bold main character, absorbing dialogue, and exciting scenes.

Praise for Adoring Abigail from Publishers Weekly :

Linton (Escape to Everly Manor) elevates this straightforward Regency romance with self-actualized protagonists and a fine eye for historic detail. Mr. Robert Wilkins, a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars, is surprised to learn that he has inherited his great-aunt’s sprawling, luxurious estate. The estate comes with a slew of new obligations, but Robert’s attention is quickly diverted away from them by his lovely but bashful neighbor, Miss Abigail Rutherford. Because Abigail struggles with a speech impediment, she seldom speaks in public and is often assumed to be simple-minded and excluded from social events. Robert and his sister, however, only see her quick insight and compassion, and they welcome Abigail into the fold. But the villainous local vicar has also set his sights on Abigail and is willing to take any advantage to make her his wife. Robert’s acceptance of Abigail’s difference is instant and heartwarming, but Linton wisely avoids “cured by love” clichés, instead painting a sensitive portrait of Abigail’s growing belief in herself. This uplifting story is sure to gratify readers of chaste romance. (Feb)