What people are saying about An Inconvenient Romance:

“I really loved this book. It’s told from the point of view of both Leah and Charles and really tugged at my heart. The characterization is done well, and I really liked the plot twists and emotional appeal. I finished it in two days because I couldn’t put it down once I started.” -Charissa, Joy in the Moments

“An Inconvenient Romance’ is delightful! It’s easy to see that Jane Austen has a heavy influence on this author. We see plenty of spunky ‘Elizabeth Bennet’ in the heroine, Miss Leah Hastings. Leaving out the usual titles we see in most Regency novels today, it has the familiar feel of Austen’s work, without the classical writing style . . . I could not put this down! I absolutely loved the way this was written, the plot and the way it all came together. Plenty to keep the reader guessing and unpredictable. I cannot wait to read more from this author!”  -Amy

What people are saying about A Tangled Inheritance:

This story had me completely engrossed.  I didn’t want to put it down and I was so glad I had a few hours of quiet to read uninterrupted . . . This was a great regency romance!  I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves this genre and even to those who aren’t convinced they do!” -Aimee, Getting Your Read On Blog

“What struck me the most with this book was that moment of certain clarity when Nora and Devlin knew they were truly in love with the other. The author described everything so that we could see it clearly and as deeply as they felt . . .If you like reading about gambling, bad guys, arrogant guys, entail, inheritance, realizing that you love someone very deeply, horses, timepieces, doctors, family then this might be for you! As for me, I’m still swooning!” – Kelly, Kindle and Me Blog

What people are saying about Escape to Everly Manor:

“I  thoroughly enjoyed reading Escape to Everly Manor. It’s a book I would easily recommend to family members and friends. It’s a book I would reread as well. The characters were engaging and likeable. The situation was unique and different. I get tired of Regency romances rehashing similar plots and this book was different and entertaining. The writing was on target and had some unexpected twists. I also liked that Lizzy was willing to look out for her brother and to protect him. The minor characters were also excellent. This is a must read for romance readers. I can’t wait to see what the author, Chalon Linton, does next.”  -Sandra via Goodreads

“I just want to crawl into this book and live there awhile! They both live in upper social class but both of these main characters have a way of bridging those classes and helping to make everyone have a happy life. Well except for the main characters themselves anyway!  . . . So if you like books that have evil villains, stubborn pride, doing what you think is right and sacrificing your happiness for another’s, strong family bonds, horses, puppies, family jewels, servants, gruff servants, meddling family members, and finding happiness after thinking it would never be possible, then this might be for you! As for me, I’m still smiling! (And can I have a Barton too?)” – Kelly, Kindle and Me Blog

This amazing review came in for Adoring Abigail from Publisher’s Weekly. So excited to share it with you!

Publishers Weekly Review of Adoring Abigail